Book a Room, Make a Change

Most travel to SEE the difference. Why not travel to BE the difference… It’s so much more fulfilling!

Having traveled extensively as well as experienced working with charitable organizations, we have seen first hand that there is … room for change … in both fields.

Rooms for Change is an online search for small local hotels which donates a part of the profit to hand-picked charities making a big change in their community. The new go-to website for a modern conscious traveler.

Not only is the hospitality industry as we once knew it changing faster than you can say homestay; it’s also becoming increasingly challenging to filter through generic chain hotel rooms in search for a hotel that offers comfort and character.

Life is too short for a soulless hotel room! We’ve done the filtering for you.

Whether you’re after a boutique hotel, good old family-run B&B, simple ecolodge, five star luxury or a minimalist poshtel, we hope you’ll find the perfect place for your unforgettable trip – no matter the budget – and together we’ll create memorable experiences AND make a world of difference in the process.

Go ahead, Book a ROOM, Make a CHANGE! ™

We aim to

Help you find the perfect most unique hotel, no matter your budget

Support smaller independent local businesses

Contribute a part of profits to causes we care about

Be an advocate for sustainable tourism

Our Mission

Don’t just travel to SEE the difference, travel to BE the difference! Our goal is to grow the community of conscious travelers by providing a more engaging hotel booking platform with a handpicked selection of smaller independent businesses while making a positive impact on vulnerable communities along the way. We believe it’s time for a more enriching travel experience for all!

How it works

Book Your Room

Use our platform to book your perfect independent locally owned hotel - the most sustainable way to stay!


We charge our Hotel Partners a small commission. A portion of it goes directly to our Charity Partners.

Make a Change

Support our carefully selected non-profits AND small local businesses. No extra cost to you, ever.

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